Qnx 4.24 Boots altboot always

We had an issue where both our .boot and altboot images got wiped out, I used a floppy to get back in and recreate the files. What I discovered after tearing some of my hair out was that it was always booting the alternate boot, regardless of whether I hit escape on the ‘Hit ESC to boot alternate OS’… it always boots the alternate OS!

Any ideas?


Bill Jacobsen

Maybe the .boot file is corrupted, or beyond the 1024 cylinder or the ESC key is stuck ;-)

If you hit ESC to skip the memorytest, QNX will also altboot. QNX demands patience.

Thue, thanks, that was the catch. The memory test was taking too long so I was always ESC out of it.

I just told the BIOS to do a quick test so other impatient people don’t do that too!

Thanks for your help!