newbie in NI-DAQ traditional

I need help on what I’m trying to develop.
I’m using QNX Momentics developpement suite to develop drivers for a DAQ
board of National instruments (NI) which is the (PCI-6025E). I looked at the
examples furnished by NI then I tried to do the same learn a little bit.
Now I got some problems trying to compile a project I created.
I’m developping the application on QNX momentics IDE and I need to link some
header and LIB files.
I followed the instructions about how to link files to a QNX C project, but
when compiling I got some errors telling :
unreferenced symbol …
It looks to me like it doesn’t find the lib file on the path I gave in
project settings.
I tried a lot of things to make it work but in vain.
A help will be welcomed.
Thank you
The application I’m trying to develop need some header files and some lib
files, I linked all those files on QNX

I am about to start development for a 6034E board in Neutrino.