Clear Screen

how can I clear screen?

Usual Linux command (clear) isn’t there!! :frowning:

Thanks for all!! :slight_smile:

Dott. Emilio Mastriani

I think it is there - I have already tryied it and it worked. So while in terminal mode, type “clear” press “enter” and it should work. :slight_smile: mrk.

+ l (lowercase L) :bulb:

I’ll be more careful.

I telnet to QNX 4.25 and by terminal I cannot clear the screen usually (ctrl+L or clear+enter):

  1. ctrl+L produces # … # and not clear screen
  2. clear is not a command found


Dott.Emilio MAstriani.

QNX4 doesn’t have “clear”.

I am attaching a copy I have. You can download it, gunzip it, and put it in your PATH (eg: /usr/bin ). and make it executable (chmod a+x clear )

I think QNX4 have “tput” (/usr/bin/), so “tput clear”
should work. You can then of cause alise it to “clear”
if you want.

For me, if TERM is set to “qansi” - clear blows at 0007:0000a7e9.
I have to have TERM=qnx to use it.

Could you please have a look into this?


xtang: no tput is not part of QNX4 distribution, it ports easely though.

There exists a wonderfull QNX4/QNX6 extension - 0x0C symbol :slight_smile: Just print it :slight_smile: via echo or via printf - doesn’t matter ;)

try with: echo “\14”