Photon Config Files

Does anyone know where photon keeps its config files on the hardware of your machine or does it keep config files?

I am encountering a very strange problem:

I installed 6.3 and then SP2 on a hard drive plugged into a machine with a PS/2 keyboard and mouse (how I LONG for USB support during O/S installation). I then enabled USB support after the O/S installed.

Now when I take that hard drive and place it in my target system and boot to photon I don’t have any keyboard or mouse. I even placed the drive in a 3rd PC which has both USB and PS/2 connectors.

What’s really strange is that on the 3rd PC, when I boot in terminal mode, I have PS/2 keyboard and mouse. If I then type ‘ph’ and enter photon I still have keyboard and mouse. But if I boot straight to photon I don’t have keyboard or mouse (either USB OR PS/2 so photon somehow loses both PS/2 and USB).

So I wonder if either my other 2 machines are very non-standard or photon is writing some config files based on the inital installation PC. Does anyone know if there is anything I need to run to have photon reconfigure itself in some way?

In rc.local I start USB support as follows (tho I don’t think you really need it for keyboard/mouse but I do start this so I included it here):

echo “Starting USB support”
io-usb -d ehci
waitfor /dev/io-usb/io-usb
sleep 1

Then in /usr/bin/ph I modded the script at Line 125 to do the following

/sbin/io-hid -d usb &
sleep 2
/usr/photon/bin/devi-hid kbd -k1,500 mouse &

The above 3 lines in that spot in the ph file work on many other machines I have but not on this one or this install of the O/S. If I comment out those lines, then PS/2 works on the 3rd machine but of course I have no USB keyboard/mouse on my target machine.



Nevermind, I figured it out.

It looks like io-usb won’t handle USB 1.0 devices with the 2.0 driver. In other words:

io-usb -d ehci

won’t handle keyboard/mice which are slow USB devices. Once I did

io-usb -d ehci -d uchi

I get the keyboard/mouse support.

The only strange thing is that the code I added to the ‘ph’ script kills all PS/2 support in photon. Once photon starts, any PS/2 keyboard/mouse is lost and only USB works. Strangely tho, if I do start in console mode and type ‘ph’ when I enter photon (which bypasses the login screen since I am logged in on the console) both PS/2 and USB keyboards/mice work.

Anyone know why this might be and how to get photon to play nice with either type?