Usage of External ARP

Just curious to know, whether QNX support the plug-in of external ARP utility!!

Many thanks in advance,

Not that I know of. You can get the source though ($$$$$) .

Hi Mario,

The ARP entries in QNX are system wide. Means If I have 2 interfaces on my target, is there any way I can configure PROXY ARP on these interfaces individually. Means the I can configure that from which interface the packet has come, and then respond with the configured PROXY ARP value!!

In short, is there any way to make these ARP entries per interface!!

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If that’s possible I don’t know how. Maybe you could start two instances of io-net/driver/tcpip. They would be totally separated from each other ;-) But then you could route message between the two interfaces.

Maybe you could ask in the newsgroup as sean, the network guy, is often seen responding to messages.

If I use two instances of the io-net/driver/tcpip, then will there be any effect of auro-forwarding which was enabled in the stack!!