Strange IDE4 CVS extssh connection behavior

We have three developers using Windows XP hosted Momentics 4.0.1 in a
distributed development effort. Each developer is at a different location
and all connect to a remote CVS server located at a fourth location.

All developers simultaneously started having problems with Momentics CVS
connections failing due to timeouts. We do not know exactly what event
precipitated the problem.

There seemed to be nothing wrong with the CVS server. We rebooted the router
and server and it didn’t solve the problem. Connecting a laptop on the
servers LAN allowed CVS access into the server without problems. All
developers could remotely SSH and login to the server using putty but any
remote CVS connection from Momentics would timeout.

The only thing that got us going again was stopping and restarting Momentics
on each Developer machine. We did not have to reboot the development

It’s almost like Momentics remembered that a failure occurred and refused to
try again until it was restarted.