can't use the DATA SERVER


today I try to use the QNX Dataserver , but everytime I failed:

At first I have started the DS with ds & , everthing is ok - it will be running!
Now I have try to compile my C Application - it fails with many errors e.g. no reference …

Here ist the minimal testcode I have wrote:

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <ds.h>

#define MAXLEN 4

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {

ds_t	ds_variable;
ds_variable = ds_register();

return 0;


The undefinde reference is ds_register, but the Header ds.h is allready included and will be found because ds_t is accepted - whats wrong ?
The header might be ok, I have checked it!


what error are you getting?

Every ds function ds_register(), ds_deregister() … : unreferenced funktion ! So that mean, I know, there is no Functioncall - the Header is included and will be ok!

I checked over here, and it is not giving any error. What compiler you are using!!
Because here I have used qcc, gcc for QNX.

AH that’s a linker error not a compiler error. It means the linker can’t resolved these function name. Are you using QNX4 if so you need to add the ds3r.lib library, this is explained in the documentation.

Hm, I´m using QNX6 (6.3.2. SP2) - Mementics under Windows - which libary is requierd, so I can check it is installed. The Help-Example didn’t work to!

The compiler ist the QNX-gcc!

Any more ideas?

I looked at the documentation of ds_register() and it says “Library: libds”. It seems -lds should solve your problem.