Which modern nVidia and ATI cards are supported

The official hardware list on qnx.com lists x300/x600 as the latest ATI boards, and no modern nVidia boards that I could identify (I have tried several myself, 6200, 6600, 6800 and all only worked in slow vesa mode, none were recognized).

Are any modern video boards supported (e.g. x1600, x1300, geforce anything 6xxx, 7xxx etc?)

I’m back to using my trusty matrox g400 dual head AGP :stuck_out_tongue: that I bought for use with QNX 4 way back when.

Really need something that supports 2 monitors so onboard video won’t do.

AFAIK, nVidia does not provide docs to anyone, not even QNX ;-) , so QNX cannot write drivers for nVidia cards. You should go for Matrox G550, that is supported dual head I think.