qnx interaction with redboot in nand (or nor) flash on iMX31


I’m trying to figure out how to have qnx and redboot “play
nice” together. Specifically, I’m working on an i.mx31 (right
now, I’m trying all of this on the freescale ADS, because my hardware
is still in layout).

I’m using redboot as the bootloader; I can create redboot
“partitions” just fine. However, on neither the nor flash
nor the nand flash does qnx appear to recognize these partitions.

What I’m getting at is… I’d like to create a “qnx”
partition (for the qnx image including the ifs and the ipl) and
another partition that would include my filesystem. But, when I
access either the nand flash or the nor flash, the qnx flash tools
only see the whole flash part; they don’t show me individual

Is there a trick that I’m missing here??