nVidia nForce Chipset - NIC driver needed

I’ve got a cute shuttle xpc mobo sn45g with nVidia nForce2 ultra 400 Chipset. (The NIC is a phyceiver realtek 8201, mac I don’t know.)

Is there a driver available for QNX6.2.1?

Or should I port it from Linux? - Well, never did it before…maybe some idea how to start it will help me… :confused:

thx gerhard

I don’t belive there is one no. If you come onto #qnx on irc.freenode.org I (and others) would be happy to help you out getting a driver working. Better to start with FreeBSD source then Linux. For many reasons.

Thx, cdm master. I’d be happy to meet you and others on the irc. Thanks a lot for the pointer.
It has always been my deep believe that writing a driver seperates men from boyz… ;)
I’d like to be a man too…

You should start by reading the Network DDK (included in Helpviewer). That will get you comfortable with io-net and it’s interfaces. There are also some example drivers in /usr/src/ddk-6.2.1/.

See you on IRC.