I am new to QNX (and ARM for that matter), and I am trying to get QNX
booting on my Freescale i.MX21ADSE development board.

I downloaded the BSP. I am using the USB/UART bootstrap in the

I am first trying to load the ifs into RAM without the IPL and just
boot it. My first attempts failed, but once I set the build file to
RAW and turned verbose on, I got some output on the UART.

Header size=0x0000009c, Total Size=0x000004c8, #Cpu=1, Type=4
Section:system_private offset:0x000001d8 size:0x00000068
syspage ptr user:fc404000 kernel:fc404000
cpupage ptr user:fc404888 kernel:fc404888 spacing:32
kdebug info:00000000 callback:00000000
boot pgms: idx=0
0) base paddr:c010d000 start addr:fe0203a4
ramsize:00000000 pagesize:00001000
Section:qtime offset:0x00000148 size:0x00000048
boot:00000000 CPS:0000000001523c8b rate/scale:45112781/-15 intr:26
Section:callout offset:0x000000a0 size:0x00000048
reboot:fc4046f8 power:fc404714
timer_load:fc404728 reload:fc404758 value:fc404774
0) display:fc40478c poll:fc4047b0 break:fc4047dc

  1. display:00000000 poll:00000000 break:00000000
    Section:cpuinfo offset:0x00000190 size:0x00000020
  2. cpu:41069264 flags:40000000 speed:0000007f cache i/d:1/0 name:48
    Section:cacheattr offset:0x00000488 size:0x00000040
  3. flags:32 size:0020 #lines:0200 control:fc404504 next:255
  4. flags:11 size:0020 #lines:0200 control:fc404558 next:255
    Section:meminfo offset:0x000004c8 size:0x00000000
    Section:asinfo offset:0x00000308 size:0x00000100
  5. 0000000000000000-00000000ffffffff o:ffff a:0010 p:100
    c:00000000 n:21
  6. 00000000c0000000-00000000c3ffffff o:0000 a:0017 p:100
    c:00000000 n:28
  7. 00000000c010c110-00000000c031e257 o:0000 a:0005 p:100
    c:00000000 n:55
  8. 00000000c0100008-00000000c010c10f o:0000 a:0007 p:100
    c:00000000 n:63
  9. 00000000c010c110-00000000c031e257 o:0000 a:0007 p:100
    c:00000000 n:71
    00a0) 00000000c0000000-00000000c0007fff o:0020 a:0007 p:100
    c:00000000 n:79
    00c0) 00000000c00148a8-00000000c0100007 o:0020 a:0007 p:100
    c:00000000 n:79
    00e0) 00000000c031e258-00000000c3ffffff o:0020 a:0007 p:100
    c:00000000 n:79
    Section:hwinfo offset:0x000002c0 size:0x00000048
  10. size:3 tag:3 isize:3, iname:0, owner:65535, kids:1
  11. size:3 tag:17 isize:3, iname:9, owner:0, kids:1
  12. size:3 tag:3 isize:3, iname:32, owner:12, kids:1
  13. size:4 tag:41 isize:4, iname:36, owner:24, kids:0
    00 00 00 00
    Section:typed_strings offset:0x00000240 size:0x00000028
    off:0 type:5 string:‘i.MX21ADS’
    off:16 type:2 string:‘localhost’
    Section:strings offset:0x00000268 size:0x00000058
    [0]‘hw’ [3]‘Group’ [9]‘unknown’ [17]‘Bus’ [21]‘memory’ [28]‘ram’
    [36]‘NONE’ [41]‘Device’ [48]‘arm926’ [55]‘imagefs’ [63]‘startup’
    [71]‘bootram’ [79]‘sysram’
    Section:intrinfo offset:0x00000408 size:0x00000080
  14. vector_base:00000000, #vectors:64, cascade_vector:7fffffff
    cpu_intr_base:00000000, cpu_intr_stride:0, flags:0000
    id => flags:8000, size:0024, rtn:fc404588
    eoi => flags:9000, size:0018, rtn:fc4045ac
    mask:fc4045c4, unmask:fc4045e0, config:00000000
  15. vector_base:00000040, #vectors:192, cascade_vector:00000008
    cpu_intr_base:00000000, cpu_intr_stride:0, flags:0000
    id => flags:0000, size:0060, rtn:fc4045fc
    eoi => flags:1000, size:0034, rtn:fc40465c
    mask:fc404690, unmask:fc4046c4, config:00000000
    Section:smp offset:0x000004c8 size:0x00000000
    Section:pminfo offset:0x000004c8 size:0x00000000
    Section:mdriver offset:0x000004c8 size:0x00000000
    Section:boxinfo offset:0x000001b0 size:0x00000028
    Section:cpu offset:0x00000128 size:0x00000020
    page_flush:fc4044c8 page_flush_deferred:fc404500
    upte_ro:00000aae upte_rw:00000ffe
    kpte_ro:0000000e kpte_rw:0000055e

System page at phys:c0014000 user:fc404000 kern:fc404000
Starting next program at vfe0203a4

Then it just hangs. Any suggestions? I don’t know what to try any