keyboard layout in the shell

Is it possible to change the keyboard layout which is used in the shells from US to any other country ?

In QNX4 there was the “kbd” command, which I can’t find in QNX6.

Can the keyboard layout only be changed in photon at QNX6 ?

The photon terminal can handle multiple languages via the settings in ABLANG etc. The text console is fixed to US keyboard, unfortunately.


Why did they go back so a big step ? :cry:

Which part of QNX6 is responsible for reading the keyboard in the console ?
Is it devc-con ?

Is it possible to replace that part with a self-written keybaord driver which supports another languages ?

In one of the character DDKs (6.2.0 I think) was the source code for devc-con. You can take that and replace the US keyboard and character tables with whatever tables you like. I think the program must always be named devc-con otherwise the enumerator gets confused. Tricky work.


This issue has been reported to QSSL a dozen times, but ignored until now…

I can find only the Character DDK for QNX 6.3.0 SP1 from 10.12.2004.
There is only the source of devc-ser8250 included.

Do you have a link to the DDK from QNX 6.2.0 ?