Drivers for Ethernet-to-Serial adapters

Hi there,

I am looking for a driver for an Ethernet-to-Serial adapter. For instance the MOXA DE-311 ( would be nice. Has anyone written such a driver or ported MOXA’s own Linux driver? Or any other brand?


maybe I do not get the point, but I use a similar device just plug and pray.
i.e. the two MOXA devices allow me to replace/extend a 9-pin serial cable via a local area ethernet.
I connect one box to /dev/ser1, the other one to a modem 2km away from it, and I can use the modem as if it stood right beside my PC.
I gave up porting the Linux driver (to spare one of those cigarette boxes), because I found the MOXA boxes are cheap enough to save me the burden.
regards Helge

I want to use it the other way round - have the Ethernet side plugged into the QNX box and the serial device in question to the far end.

The driver basically has to use the TCP sockets to communicate with MOXA box and put a virtual serial port into the path name space, the latter one being easy with Character DDK, the former one complicated because knowledge of MOXA’s internal working is required, which is hard to reverse engineer from the Linux code. any ideas?


We have ported their driver (to QNX4), and also submitted back to MOXA. So ask for it - to let them know, that QNX is alive.
If you are not successful, I can send you ours.


wow~ this I didn’t know. Can you post the driver here so that we can all have it. thanks

sounds great !
would you mind telling me who exactly, and less exactly when, sent them the ported driver ?
just in case they had it stored “somewhere” …
thanks HELGE

I contacted MOXA Technical Support and they are indeed developing a driver for their products! They sent a beta version WITHOUT WARRENTY OF ANY KIND and will release the driver in early October, so check out their website.

Any feedback about the driver greatly appreciated. It compiles fine but unfortunately I have no MOXA hardware here to test it.