Initialization file error

Hi, there,

we have a system running in 6.2.1 with HAM enabled watching the system. It has been running continuously in the field for half a year without problems. Last week, we found the system failed. I typed in sloginfo, it said " Initialization file error: Line 0, software module not defined" as in the attached two screenshots.

I guess this error is related to the network driver, but I am not sure. Could anyone let me know what might be wrong?

The hardware of the system:
Mother board: EBX-Littleboard 700
PC104 Profibus card.

I’m not experienced with HAMS, so this is just my 2cents on what you have here.
There are a bunch of messages related to qnet_* about 30 seconds before the problem.
They seem somewhat normal, as in the normal function of HAMS to get something
running again. Then there is another one of these messages 2 seconds before the problem.
This does suggest a network problem, but it may be coincidence. Finally the problem statement indicates a missing or damaged file. Maybe this file was called upon to correct the previous network problem. In any case, it suggests that either the file has been deleted, is damaged, or was never there. Deleted after all this times seem unlikely. Damaged could be checked by doing a disk scan. My guess is that “never there” is the most likely, meaning that this is a configuration issue.