Always compile a particular source file

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we use QNX Momentics 6.3.0 SP2 on Windows host. Our project consists of several source files. One is called version.c and contains a global variable initialized by the compiler’s DATE and TIME directives. I want this particular source file to be compiled in every build so that I have an accurate timestamp in my program. How can I do this? I was playing around with the PRE_BUILD and PRE_TARGET macros as explained in the section “Conventions about Makefiles” in the programmer’s guide in order to have make execute a “touch version.c” but got nowhere.

Also, I added “-Wversion.c” to the MAKEFLAGS environment variable, that didn’t help either.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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If you are not going to modify this file, you could change its modification time/date to something far in the future. Then the executable and/or object will always be older than the source.


thank you for that hint. It does indeed have the desired effect, but it is not a very nice solution. For instance, I have no idea how this works with version control systems like CVS.

Has anyone played around with this type of problem?


You could add this to your

PRE_BUILD=@touch $(PROJECT_ROOT)/version.c


thank you for that hint. At least I now know the syntax of the PRE_BUILD command. Is that documented anywhere? Or is it standard UNIX make syntax?

Anyway, it seems that the PRE_BUILD command is executed after the list of files that will be rebuilt has been created. That’s the only explanation I have for my results: I added the line you suggested, to various locations in the, and always get the same result: Only the really modified files get rebuilt, not version.c, but the timestamp of version.c gets updated (i.e. after the build, the version.c is newer than the version.o). Of course, when I then do a build again, version.o gets rebuilt. Is there any configurable command that gets executed before the dependencies are resoved?

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PRE_BUILD is run before the dependencies, at least in my project here.

Can you post your


I created a brand new IDE project (QNX C project) - it shows the same behaviour. See attached ZIP archive. One more thing I noticed: Choosing “Build Project” and “Build Make Target”->build obviously does not result in the same action. When I alter prebuildtest.c only, then this file gets compiled, but not version.c. version.c gets touched afterwards. When I then choose “Build Project” nothing happens, although version.c is newer than version.o. when I choose “Build Make Target”, then version.c gets compiled correctly. How does “Build Project” function? Is it a CDT thing?

Hint: We are using WINDOWS IDE - maybe it works under Neutrino.

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This works fine for me on my windows host. I’m kind of at a loss. Do you have some other version of make in your path somewhere?

I made just a brand new installation on our laptop. Hasn’t seen anything from make or compilers before. 6.3.0 SP2 from the original QNX CD. Same behaviour.

Giving up. Thanks anyway.