How to start QNX without TCP/IP ?

How to start QNX (6.3.2) without TCP/IP or any others protocols / filters ?
/what changes in what file I should do ? :slight_smile:

I want to start QNX Neutrino with ethernet card drivers,
but without any other things in io-net.

Method 1: Create an appropriate IFS with the startscript containing just io-net -d <your_driver>

Method 2 (on x86 standard installations): Modify /etc/system/enum/include/net. Here, the default is io-net -p tcpip, so just change it to io-net. Haven’t tried it myself, but the auto-mounting of drivers should still work.


Method 3: ?

create /etc/rc.d/rc.local, and do a "slay io-net; io-net -d " :slight_smile:

Are you serious ?!?

Btw, reminds me of something: A possible Method 4 would be (in rc.local):

umount /dev/io-net/ip0

From my experience it doesn’t work (because shutdown*() in return -1??). But why? Why does QNX not allow to unload its network protocol modules? Is there any hidden command line option to allow it?