IO-Manager for FTP

I writing IO_MANAGER for virtual FTP-filesystem under QNX4.

I have some questions about it.

  1. I can’t find struct for IO_RENAME message I received when renamed file.

  2. What difference between IO_HANDLE file descriptor and IO_OPEN one. Must I create OCB for IO_HANDLE fd?

  3. Is there timeout for replying a message. FTP working too slowly and sometimes I find thet mqc show me empty directory before I send this directory content reply message!

I think you’d use the open structure. Worst case you can look at the raw message and look at the content to figure out its layout (fun stuff)

I find that
struct _io_rename {
msg_t type;
short int fd,
char version_cycle, /* eflag and zero2 invalid if /
this field is 0. /
It is zeroed by 4.10 proc /
eflag; /
Extended flags (see above) */
nid_t nid;
mpid_t pid;
short int sflag,
mode_t mode;
long zero2;
char path[2][PATH_MAX + 1];
} ;

is like io_open, but path[0] is old filename and path[1] is new.

What about 2-nd and 3-rt questions?