gr.phi and qwinph

I know that qnx create a beta version of this driver. Can anyone send me pls? i know that it is free because beta. I think it is in the qwinph pakage…i’d like to have the entire pakage.
pls help me :slight_smile:
thank you so much to everyone!

no one knows this software? i read on this forum that someone has…pls help me!

Hum though I replied to this. Here goes again;

In the QNX4 days, most QSS’s beta all required an NDA. That means anyone that gives away beta software, was in theory, in breach of contract.

Yes they were free, but they were definitely not made available to anyone. The reason why some of these beta software have never been release is because QSS don’t want to bother supporting them (some of these beta are definitely buggy).

If you have an account on quics (old method for getting support) you can grab ALL of there beta software ( some require a license though). Why didn’t QSS made it available to anyone I don’t know, but it’s their call…

So your best bet is either get someone to send it to you (which is illegal) or simply call QSS.