serial mouse trouble

I’m trying to install qnx 6.2.1 on an old pentium 133. The problem is that it doesn’t recognize the serial mouse. Trying to setup the monitor and video card without a mouse in 16 colors is not funny: I can hardly see which button I have selected…

So how do I get the mouse to work, BEFORE the monitor setup?

QNX is a great OS - if the mouse works…

You will probably have to start devi-hirun yourself.

Take a look at the help online.

I bookmarked the manuals of devi-hirun and inputtrap. According to the manual of inputtrap it only scans for a ps2 mouse.
It looks like I have to change a configuration file - no problem. 8)

I am very busy now but I will try to make the old box run qnx this weekend or the next.