install from a USB CD ROM

Has any one tried to install 6.210 from a USB CD ROM?. In my case I do not have any other removable media devices. The installation loads quite well until the system should detect the partitions (one is 07 the other is 4F) and then is unable to detect any.

Any clues anyone?

It will start out okay because your computer’s BIOS will proabably handle the USB side of the CDROM at first. But once Neutrino is running it will try to run as many devb-* drivers as it finds. With 6.2.1 there isn’t any support for USB Mass Storage devices. So you are going to be out of luck I am afraid.

You have to do a install from at FAT32 partition. I did this (with success) on a Dell Latitude X300). The idea is to copy the neccercary files from the FAT partition onto the newly created QNXpartition. Then copy the .diskroot from your FAT32 install to your new QNXpartition. Then rename your FAT32 install so it will be uanble for the installer to find. The rest of the installation should continue as normal when you try too boot from HD again.

oyvinthuv, I’m not sure I understand, how do you copy from a FAT32 (0C) to a QNX (4F) partition. Did you install to FAT32 first? How?

first, you do a FAT install

second, you boot from QNX from FAT and fdisk to create the real QNX partition.

third, copy necessary files from FAT to the new QNX partition.

once you are able to boot from the real QNX partition, you can remove the FAT installation.