AWK and WC (word count)


In the Windows Hosted QNX Momentics 6.3 commanline the following utilities are not available:

WC (word count)

I tried downloading and installing GNU AWK but the configure script doesnt work.
Please tell from where can i download these tools.


All three are available on my 6.3 system as follows:


Could this be an installation problem?

He is talking about Windows host.


All are there for me.

If you want to RUN these on windows. Momentics uses some of the cygwin stuff ( I think ) but it only contains what it needs for it’s own use. It makes not commitment about providing a UNIX like environment.

I have bad expirence with the unix-commands in the windows-host.
Some work as i would intend them to work, and some just bug me ^^ this is where i quickly mount my files on the target and call them there