mount a usb memory stick on QNX 6.2.1

I´d like to know if it´s posible to mount an usb memory stick on a QNX OS v6.2.1 and how can i do something like that.


Yes it’s possible.

As root do the following:

io-usb -dehci -duhci -dohci &

to start the USB support.

devb-umass &

to start the USB driver.

With luck, your USB memory stick will then be recognized by the driver (if it says ‘no mass interfaces found’ then you are not lucky). Some USB drives are not recognized because they are slightly out of spec with USB. This happens more in 6.2.1 than 6.3.

If your USB device was found, then you can then do a ‘df’ to see the particulars of how to mount it (your looking for something like hd1t77).

mount -t qnx4 /dev/hd1t77 /usbDrive

mounts the USB as a QNX file system under /usbDrive

mount -t dos /dev/hd1t77 /usbDrive

mounts the USB as a DOS file system under /usbDrive.


Thanks Tim for your request, but io-usb is not present in my system. How can i install this application? Can i download on some server or something like that? Because it seem that is not in my cd of QNX.

Thanks you very much!!

Are you sure it’s not on the CD? Did you do a ‘find . -name io-usb’ as root from the / directory?

I had it in my 6.2.1 before I upgraded to 6.3 and I know I didn’t install or download it from someplace else. If you’ve done a custom install (ie didn’t say yes to everything on the CD or build your own image/filesyste) it might not be there.

I assume your CD is a commercial version and not the free one (I don’t know if it’s on the free one since I only had the commercial one).

If you still don’t have it, your going to have to contact your QNX rep and have them send it to you because there is no place to download it unless someone else with 6.2.1 sends it to you.


Under 6.2.x, it’s not io-usb -duhci but devu-uhci (A dedicated driver for every host controller type supported)