a few questions from a qnx newbie

Hello there.
I downloaded 6.3.0-qnx6-200405141702.iso from qnx.com and installed it in Microsoft Virtual PC. Everything is going good… But I still have a few questions in my mind… so here they are (sorry for these stupid questions):
Why there is no desktop icons? Can’t i copy, paste some useful icons to there?
Why there is no something like Update manager or OS updater to fetch/install latest patches,security fixes easily?

After the installation, i downloaded and installed these files:

QNX Momentics 6.3.0 Service Pack 2 - Neutrino Host:




After installing them, i felt that system is going a lil bit unstable. Did i do something wrong by the installing the files above? Which one is really necessary?

I can’t install Gaim. It needs libgcrypt. How to install it? or is there a better MSN Messenger IM client for QNX?

Could you please post some QNX freewares website url?

Thanks in advance for your time!

Best wishes.

Because QNX6 is not a desktop OS.

There is, it’s called the installer (should be accessible via the the Launch Menu) But again, let me remind you not to expect any feature you are using to on real desktop operating system.

Don’t know, don’t care for this stuff, what ever you will find available will probably suck compare to what is available on real desktop OS.

There is a 3d party cd you can download from QNX. ( Last time I check it was available from the installer).

There is here, qnxzone.com which is almost dead and there is a russian site that is holding the fort, it has a bunch of stuff. There should a reference to it around here.

Thank you mario. It seems QNX is a lil bit different… Not “a lil bit” maybe:P well, thanks.

Yes, I but the QNX beside a fruit basket and it’s was very different.