QNX server

Hi again.
Is it possible to run Pureftpd (or vsftpd) Apache + PHP + MySQL on QNX 6.3.2?
Is there any document about that?
How secure is QNX OS for those services? (in exploits,ddos attacks sides)
How about QNX’s uptime strength?
Is there any domain that runs on a QNX to check on netcraft.com?

Many thanks in advance for your help!

Why cross the dessert by foot when you could use a camel? Unless you are looking for a challenge or a personnel growth experience I guess …

I don’t know what Pureftpd or vsftpd is. Yes you can run Apache + PHP +MySQL on QNX 6.3.2. If you search for this website for “Hell” you will find a thread describing all the fun I had.