problem in IPL jumping to startup code

I am having problems with my BSP, specifically the IPL handoff to the Startup code.
The IPL finds the code in our flash, i.e. finds the signature, checksums startup correctly, copies it over to RAM, and then attempts to jump to startup_hdr.startup_vaddr.

After that it hungs and goes nowhere. I checked the value of (startup_hdr.startup_vaddr) it seems correct and similar to the programming flash that it is working.

my board uses PowerPC and it is very similar to 8260ads , so Iam using the BSP for 8260ads after modifying it to suit my board.

Anybody can help me to explain why iam having this problem , why the startup code doesnt run after IPL tries to jump to it in the RAM.
also can somebody tell me if I go and look to the location of startup_hdr.startup_vaddr in RAM should I found something specific becasue I tried that and it seems no code at that area in the RAM

so can anybody help me with this please