What's the difference with Pane,Container,OSContainer??

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What’s the difference with Pane,Container,OSContainer??

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PtContainer is an abstract widget with no visual components. It’s used as a superclass for other widgets providing ‘collection like’ capabilities to its descendants.

PtPane is a PtContainer derivative which provides for a collection of widgets but also provides a visual border (and clipping rectangle) around those widgets.

PtOSContainer is similar to a pane in that it provides a collection for widgets but it causes its children widgets to draw ‘OffScreen’ - this offscreen rendering is then blitted to the video ram providing for smooth, usually, flicker free animations. All automagically of course.

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In your reply, what is superclass?? and what is visual border ??
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Widgets are built on a heirarchy or tree structure. They are a little like C++ classes. The most basic widget is called PtWidget. All other widgets are built on top of this. Widgets inherit properties from all widgets below them. The widgets below a widget, are sometimes know as their superclass. This terminology probably comes from C++ class structure.

A visual border is just what it sounds like. You get a border that you can see around the widget that is a few pixels wide and a different color. I think the panel border is beveled, which is just a color scheme that makes the widget look 3-D.

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