QNX 6.1 Install on Dell Dimension 8100

I have a obtained a reconditioned Dell Dimension 8100 computer onto which I want to install QNX 6.1, to serve as a replacement production/development computer for our QNX 6.1 application.

The PC is choking on the QNX 6.1.0 install CD-ROM, running through the “dots” (“Press ESC for .Altboot…”), and then stalling.

If I press “ESC”, it stalls immediately (no “dots”).

This same PC starts the QNX 6.3 install disc without problem.

Anyone using a Dimension 8100 with QNX?

Any ideas as to what I might try?

Why do you still use 6.1? Does your application have problems running under 6.3?

It’s an embedded application, and does not need 6.3.

Conversion to 6.3 has been on my Wishlist for some time, but time and resources have not been available to do the extensive re-test of our product required to change OS versions when there is no pressing need.