Run a 6.3 compiled application on 6.2.1 will it work?

Hi all

Just wondering, it it possible to run a 6.3 compiled application on a 6.2 OS?

Please advice


It might be possible but i don’t think that’s officially supported. I wouldn’t try it.

It realy depends on what you are doing. There is a high probability that it will run fine, and a distinct possibility that it won’t.

Ya i though so too, there may be some changes in the API all that

How about the otherway round, running a 6.2 code on a 6.3 OS


I think that a problem is much less likely in this direction. This type of problem usually occurs when the old version let you do something wrong, or non-standard, and the new version corrects the non-standard behavior.

Other than this, revisions tend to add features and fix bugs, so it always less likely to cause problems.

No big API changes, but you need to re-compile because of internal lib changes IMHO, if you try 6.3 app on 6.2. Same for other direction, 6.2 app on 6.3, although it is more likely to work. In my experience changes necessary, if any, are minor.

Personally I think this is asking for trouble.