How to mount a CD-RW?


does anyone know how to mount a CD-RW?

Have tried
mount -tcd /dev/cd0 /fs/cd and
mount -tcdfs /dev/cd0 /fs/cd
but both do not work.

Thanks in advance!

How was the CD created. If it was created with think like NeroCD it won’t work.

i copied the .c files in windows like we always do for a thumb drive or a floppy disk. However when i try to mount it in qnx as /fs/cd, under file manager, under the link column, it says “unable to read info”. I’m using a CD readable and rewritable. So, i’m sure why it was unable to read the cd.

How would you mount a cd?

I you use windows to write to a CD then it’s not in a CDFS format. You can’t use it (I think). You must use a tool like NERO, to write the CD just like a normal CD (not like a RW CD)

How does one burn CDs on QNX?

You cannot.

Your best bet it to create a CD image of the files you want on the disk and send them to a Windows machine. There’s source around for a utility that can do this.