russian/cyrillic supplement and phindows

I have russian texts wich looks fine on photon 1.12.
If I try to use Phindow, the texts stays empty.
The problem is, that the cyrillic supplement uses pfr-Fonts. But Phindows does not support pfr.
Is there any way, to show the russian text on phindows?
I dont find a phf-font wich works fine on both sides (to be honest, no even on one side).

Does anyone of you have any idea?



Assuming you can read russian/cyrillic you should ask in

no, I dont. But right now, I wish I could.

The texts were translated by a translation bureau. I just can see if something is displayed or not…

If you read the documentation of Phindows. I think there is away to have Phindows use Windows font. Hope that helps.