How do I get 6.3sp2 to respond to 42 byte ARP packets?

Hello All, I’ve found using ethereal and a 10baset hub that the QNX 6.3 sp2 install I have isn’t responding to my windows XP computer’s 42 byte ARP reply packets. Another windows computer on the network with 60 byte ARP packets reply works fine with QNX. How do I make QNX cope with non padded 42 byte ARP packets? My windows computer responds to QNX’s 60 byte packets with 42 byte replies and QNX just ignores it and asks again who is on IP

This is using both DHCP and static IP. Using
io-net -d speedo verbose,promiscuous - p tcpip

Some believe the minimum ethernet packet size is 60 bytes. Others talk about 42 byte ARP packets does anyone now how to convince QNX that there is 42 byte packets? I’m looking also to see if I can make windows talk in 60 byte packets too…

Regards, Mark