How to make clone disc bootable...?

Hi all!
I am totally unfamiliar with QNX-os, but we are using QNX 4.xx in a factory automation application. It works well, but I’m afraid that when the PC’s crash, there’s nothing to do. I have made clones of hard disks using different applications, e.g. CloneMaxx or Acronis True Image. The copying goes OK, but the disks do not boot. I just get a message about “Missing operatin system” or “Press ESC to load another system” or so…
There are more than one partitions in the disk, and obviously the boot partition is not available although it is there. Can’t I get an identical copy of a QNX-disk with these cloning software? How to make the copied disk bootable?


If you have identical disks, and you make a sector by sector copy, something you can do under QNX 4, then the 2nd disk will be bootable. If the 2nd disk is not identical, then the procedure is a little more complicated. You will need to run fdisk to put a partition and boot loader on the drive. Then you will need to copy all the files using cp. Copying the .boot file and the licenses need to be done separately.