Multi-Monitor Setup

I’m trying to get my QNX 6.3 system to support 2 monitors. The cards are installed, and they both show up in the “pci -v” command, one at index 0 and the other at index 1.

I figured out how to do this under QNX 4 by modifying a trap file. I tried the same thing with 6.3, but no luck.

Can someone tell me the procedure?


Can you please post your io-graphics config file, and your graphics-modes file?

I found an old example I did with a matrox g400 and a g200 to get 3 displays. I replied to your thread in the other forum - but only with 2 displays on one board sample files.

It’s a little different (but only a little) for 2 boards.

Thank you, I did get your reply, and tried what you suggested. I am not having problems with the setup anymore.
My problem is now with the hardware. The 2nd Video card (PCI_INDEX=1) does not work when in the
presence of the first card, although it works ok alone. The Results of “pci -vv” show that the 2nd
card, while present, is disabled. This is my current problem. The pci details are listed in the other thread.

Yes some combination of cards just don’t work. My TNT AGP would not work with a radeon PCI. I’ve only ever gotten radeon agp + radeon pci or matrox agp + matrox pci or radeon agp + matrox pci to work.

Best of luck with yours!

Update: I got it working with AGP matrox 450 + PCI radeon (for 4 total displays) as well as AGP radeon + PCI radeon (for 4 again). See the other thread.