Correct references in scientific report?

I have written a little report dealing partially with QNX, the thing is I had some trouble finding good sources of information, so I used wikipedia and QNX’s homepage.

I used the folloiwing sources: … KERNELARCH … tml#MEMMAN

but the links alone is not sufficient as sources, does anyone know of better sources and/or a way to use theese sources by supplying better references (author, title and so on)?

The report is supposed to explain how QNX manages memory. The wikipedia link was just used for some background about the operating system.

Those “sys_arch” links go to our System Architecture guide, which we’ve published as a printed book (we’re up to the sixth edition). If you’re using version 6.2.1, you could refer to it like this:

QNX Software Systems. System Architecture, 4th ed., 2003

If you’d like a printed copy, talk to your sales rep. The part number for this edition is 001996 (but I don’t know if we have any more copies left).

ah, perfect! Thank you!

a more reliable source for the data on the history part of the wikipedia page and these references could’nt get better!

You’re welcome.

It occurred to me after posting that I should have included the name of the OS in the title:

QNX Neutrino RTOS System Architecture

to avoid confusion with the QNX 4 System Architecture guide.