missing Qconn


I am trying to run an application on my QNX6.2NC target system, however, qconn cannot be run because it is not on the computer! How can I install this?


You need to copy it though any means possible, hd to hd, via network (qnet), via TCPIp (rcp, ftp)…

Where can I get a copy of qconn? Can someone send me an attachment? m2asselin@yahoo.com


Maybe it’s not part of QNX6.2NC? Or download the full version of QNX6.2NC get it from there.

where can i get the full version of 6.2NC?
can you send me qconn yourself?

Do a search on openqnx.com I think I remember somebody posting a link.

I don’t have 6.2NC. Even if I would I wouldn’t send it to you, nothing personal obviously, but going by the book ;-)