FTP between QNX & WinXP


I am trying to transfer some files from QNX to Windows machine, so I have a connected the two machines through a hub, and I am able to ping them. I want to use FTP to transfer some files, but I cannot seem to connect to QNX from the win-machine, and vice-versa. Any help out there???


start inetd.

I have started inetd, and can now connect from my WinXP box. However, I cannot log-in…that is, whenever I got to enter a command towards in the QNX machine, it asks for my user and password. I have logged into QNX with just plain ROOT as user, no password. So what user/password is it asking for? (entering user=“root” and password="" does not work). Thanks.

If you look closely at the documentation for the ftp daemon, you will find that you cannot access ftp the way you are trying to:

From the QNX documentation at ($QNX_INSTALL_PATH)/target/qnx6/usr/help/product/neutrino/utilities/f/ftpd.html
and under the heading “User authorization”

The ftpd daemon authenticates users according to these rules: 1. The username must be in the password database /etc/passwd and must not have a null password. The client must provide a password before any file operations may be performed. 2. The username must not appear in the /etc/ftpusers file, which contains a list of users who aren't allowed to use ftp. One username is listed per line. If this file is missing, no user on the local system may access ftp.

So… first of all, give your root user a password and check then that the /etc/ftpusers exists and try again.

Better still… grab scp/ssh and use a secure approach.