Network problems after starting Browser

I’ve running QNX 6.2 with a SIS900 (Realtek based) network card. After starting
the OS, ping and telnet works fine. So I can assume that the network
ist properly configured.
But after starting a internet browser (e.g. Mozilla), the network stop
working. A simultanously running ping to a host stops at the moment
of the starting browser.
Does anyone have a clue what the problem might be?



We will need more information.

Does your box connect to internet?
Is it go through ppp? pppoe? or
other connection?

After boot, can you ping anying
on internat ( ?

When you say (can’t ping anything),
is there a core file in /var/dumps?

I connect to the internet with an external DSL Router.
Ping and telnet to a external internet adress works fine.
I can ping to an external host such as
But after starting a browser (Mozilla or the qnx Browser)
no network connection is furthermore possible. It’s also
impossible call a webpage with the browser.
Even if I close the browser there is no ping or telnet
I can open a window with an start a ping to
The ping runs up to the moment when a browser is started.
After starting the browser the ping stops.
I tried to increase the ionet stacksize to 11648 but that dont

I’d just like to mention that I sometimes have a problem similar to that, except it doesn’t happen as soon as I open the web browser, but after some time, around 10 - 30 minutes.

Also I’ve noticed that, at least for me, my CPU usage goes up to 100% and stays there until I close PhDialer sometimes while I’m online, but that probably doesn’t have much to do with that other problem as I’m on dial-up.

Hm, this getting confused…
So ping stopped when you start browser, and never recover?
Does ping return an error, or it just hang? Can you post output
of following command (after ping stopped).

pidin -Pio-net
ls /var/dumps
netstat -ni
netstat -nr

I got no error message from the ping after starting the browser.
the /var/dumps directory is also empty.
the pidin -Pio-net shows (after starting the browser):

 pid tid name               prio STATE       Blocked         

77840 1 sbin/io-net 10o SIGWAITINFO
77840 2 sbin/io-net 10o RECEIVE 1
77840 3 sbin/io-net 10o RECEIVE 1
77840 4 sbin/io-net 10o RECEIVE 1
77840 5 sbin/io-net 10o RECEIVE 1
77840 6 sbin/io-net 20o RECEIVE 6
77840 7 sbin/io-net 21r RECEIVE 22

netstat -ni:

Name Mtu Network Address Ipkts Ierrs Opkts Oerrs Colls
lo0 33220 0 0 0 0 0
lo0 33220 127 0 0 0 0 0
en0 1500 00:00:00:00:00:00 12 0 10 0 0
en0 1500 10 12 0 10 0 0

and netstat -nr:

Routing tables

Destination Gateway Flags Refs Use Mtu Interface
default UG 1 15 1500 en0
10 link#2 UC 1 0 1500 en0 00:30:ab:0a:14:66 UHL 1 0 1500 en0 UH 0 0 33220 lo0

This en0 interface (you set it’s IP to have an all 0
mac address, which makes me worried that the driver is not
working properly.

Do you know what is the driver you are using ? (“pidin mem |
grep devn” could tell you) And if you run “nicinfo”, is there
any bad datas in it?

pidin mem says: @b8244000 48K 4096
its the sis900 at a elitegroup k7s5a mainboard. the nic is based on
a realtek chip.
and nicinfo give me no errors:
SiS900 Ethernet Controller
Physical Node ID … 000000 000000
Current Physical Node ID … 000000 000000
Media Rate … 0 kb/s half-duplex UTP
MTU … 1514
Lan … 0
I/O Port Range … 0xD000 → 0xD0FF
Hardware Interrupt … 0xB
Promiscuous … Disabled
Multicast … Enabled

Total Packets Txd OK … 8
Total Packets Txd Bad … 1
Total Packets Rxd OK … 15
Total Rx Errors … 0

Total Bytes Txd … 3222
Total Bytes Rxd … 1532

Tx Collision Errors … 0
Tx Collisions Errors (aborted) … 0
Carrier Sense Lost on Tx … 0
FIFO Underruns During Tx … 0
Tx deferred … 0
Out of Window Collisions … 0
FIFO Overruns During Rx … 0
Alignment errors … 0
CRC errors … 0

I am not nic driver expert but these difinitaly unhealthy.
The 0 Mac address, the wrong media rate …

Sounds like the driver didn’t agree with the hardware,
I am not sure if you could play the driver options or
maybe could use another driver. I would let some
hardware guy step in to judge that.

But also with the 0 in the MAC address the ping and
telnet works fine before I start a network browser.

Dear folks, obviously I habe exactly the same problem: Sis900 on board K5S7A, external ADSL-modem-router und net stops if I start a browser or e-amil-client. Is there any solution of that problem?

Get the new sis9 driver that fixes this problem.

You have your onboard network chip missconfigured. Probably, you burnt new BIOS. Builder of your motherboard must have special utility to restore correct Ethernet number. Download and run it.

Hope, it helps.