How to access the usb flash disk ?

is there anyone can tell me what to do ? I want to access my usb flash disk on QNX 6.21 ? in my system , i can use usb mouse .


There isn’t any released support for USB Mass Storage devices. If you are a commerical customer you could ask your sales rep about the USB 2.0 beta program (if it is still ongoing).

Thanks , cdm ! again , in my commerical 6.21 , there are only usb mouse and printer DDK , i want to know if there are some guilde in internet ? i have search this several days , but find nothing!

No - it isn’t included yet. You will need to contact your sales rep and get into the USB 2.0 beta.

I see , Thank you very much !

Has the support of USB flash drives changed since these posts were made??

No, but the upcoming QNX 6.3 will change that.

It is said that 6.3 will be released Q2 of this year.