QNX Imposed Memory Limit

I have an embedded device running QNX, and have been informed that there is an OS imposed limitation on the amount of RAM the device can handle. Is there a file or setting in QNX I can change to increase the RAM limitation?


First time I heard of that, unless it’s a demo board what would be the point.

I see two ways for doing that. if a vendor proved a custom BSP that enforce that limitation or creates an image that limits the amount of available ram ( options -R/-r of startup-bios)

Depending how the limitation was implemented, you would need to modify the BSP or rebuild the image. I you don’t have the source of the BSP or the source of the image, you would need to do some heavy hacking.

As you speak of increasing the RAM limitation, I guess you are talking about the amount of RAM that QNX Neutrino detects when starting up? Is it a non-x86 device you are using? Then you have a startup-code and in it, there is code that detects the amount of RAM on your board. Or it doesn’t detect it, and hard-codes a certain amount instead. You need to change that, then.

Where do I change that? How can I access the startup code?

By the way, I am very new to QNX. What is a BSP, and how can I access the startup-bios?

BSP = Board Support Package. QNX supports a lot of processors these days. For a commercial x86 system, there is always startup code that initializes hardware so the OS can hit the ground running. This is not always so for an embedded motherboard. You might have to provide this code yourself, or you might find an existing BSP that has the code already. If you are asking the question, it is unlikely that the startup-bios is available to you. You could talk to the manufactorer of your embedded system.

While were on the question of memory, can someone tell me if QNX has passed the 4Gig memory limit on x86 systems? That would be with respect to detection and use of?