Question on Phindows and fonts not appearing.

Hello everyone, I’m a QNX noob.

I encountered it for the first time last Friday. I am a PC tech hired by a local firm to fix a problem for them. That problem is that some users of Phindows cannot see the text in their sessions.

They have a single QNX 4.25 system. On the PC side they use Windows 2003 Terminal Services and thin clients. Phindows 1.20 is installed on the Terminal Server. They have one single person who actually uses the system.

When that person logs into Terminal Services with his standard login credentials and then runs Phindows the session opens and the QNX login dialog appears however there is no text which appears other than the QNX logo. If he continues and logs into QNX (blind) he can navigate his project however no text appears in any window.

I created a new Windows account for him with the exact same level of authority and file permissions and Phindows works normally. If I login to Terminal Services with Administrator permissions then Phindows works normally and renders all fonts.

However if I use any other previously created account in Terminal Services then Phindows will not correctly display the fonts.

I have explicitly granted all file and folder permissions to all users for the folder in which Phindows resides. I have deleted all previously cached data from the Phindows cache folder.

It would appear perhaps I have a font substitution issue here since most QNX data appears to be in Helvetica and that font is not native to Windows.

I would like to simply try a newer version of Phindows since 1.20 appears to be fairly old however that appears to be nearly impossible due to the design of the QNX support environment.

I suspect that this is really an easy problem to fix and would welcome any suggestions.

Yes I’m aware the user could just continue to use the custom login which I created. However, he has many other applications and systems configured in the original login profile under Terminal Server. So the current kludge is that he has to logout of his main account and login to his custom session numerous times each day.

Thanks in advance!