ldrel(.exe) demands write acces to \

This is some really weird error message, more i cannot locate the real problem for sure…

ldrel - Relocate an executable

in the end of compiling linking process, directly after usemsg is ldrel called.
ldrel demands writeaccess to: \s3g0.
where s3g0. is a dynamic temporarly created filename

I assume, usemsg calls ldrel

\s3g0. should be located to the root (/), but since i run on Windows write protected access to c:, just for security reasons in work (lol), i cannot write there …

I found a official bug report on QNX already (in a long list of bugs hide)

If you don’t have permission to write files in the top-level directory of the C drive, you won’t be able to run certain tools, such as bindres and usemsg, which are needed for building PhAB applications. (Ref# 21849)

from: qnx.com/developers/articles/ … INDOWSBUGS

Did anyone found a workaround already?