mig4nto says __min() is no longer supported

The mig4nto utility says __min() is no longer supportet, why in QNX 6.3 the compiler works with this function without problems?

Just a guess here, but not supported is not the same as doesn’t exist. Use at your own risk.

I was suprised about this, but function works.

Mig4nto was created in the early days of QNX6, maybe it was added since then, for what ever reason.

how to use mig4nto?it must be run on QNX 4 or QNX neutrino.
hope somebody can explain…

There is a QNX4 and a QNX6 version, the default version is the QNX6 Version afaik.
Grap a copy of your sources an put the original somewhere safe.
Now go to the copy of your sources and run mig4nto on the current directory.
The default behaviour is to put 4-liner comments into your sources where your attention is surely needed.
It will mark old function-calls, structures and similar. This makes a good starting point for porting.
After changing all positions to currently supportet functions, you can try to compile and will start get angry,
since gcc is a far more strict compiler than watcom ^^
A lot of my posts here are very related to porting problems :slight_smile: