Boot QNX 6.3 via serial port X86 platform with BIOS


I am a student and work with QNX.
I should to load QNX via serial port into usual PC.
I wrote program, that download any COM-program to target and run it.
Now I try to download QNX image. But I have some questions:

  1. in which memory should I download my image?
    If use ELF format standart, the entry point for run image is 0x403968 (dumpifs -v : startup_vaddr=0x403968, objdump -x : entry=0x403968).
    I understood, image loads to 0x00400000. Or I am wrong?
    Can I use [image <start_memory_addr>] for change startup_vaddr?
  2. should I write IPL for this method, or use my only own program, which download and locate image in memory, after download program jump to startup_vaddr.