Text Ditto for QNX 6?

A customer of mine is interested in a text version of ditto, like the one that ran on QNX 2 and QNX 4. I took a look at an old version of the source of devc-con and it doesn’t seem to have the hooks that would be needed to write a text ditto. Does anyone have any addition information on this such as a modified version of devc-con and a ditto program? Also, other than the existance of phditto, does anyone know why this wasn’t included in QNX 6?


Because QSS doesn’t beleive in the text mode anymore. There answer is use Photon…

That being said I obtained the latest source to devc-con to add ditto capability, however this is currently low priority for me, it will become high priority at a later time ( don’t know when though).

I remember phditto from QNX4.
May another solution would be port of screen and just ssh-ing into it.
I also think to remember there was a way to detach and attach your dialin-console to another running console,
but im not sure this was QNX.

OMG, this was a pretty old post ^^ just forget anything written here