what version of CVSNT is good to work well with current version of Momentics IDE. I seem to have some issues with sharing PhAB projects in CVS with multiple developers. Anyone having problem with CVSNT ?

I am using cvsnt
I am using pserver to connet to my cvs server(windows box) from my momentics IDE (windows hosted).
Everythings works fine except when I check out a phab project and go to “generate UI” phab application can’t write to certain files and fails, complaining about “can’t open” “permission denied” stuff. If I go to the project directory from windows and unset the “read only” flag, “generate UI” works. But if I commit this project back in CVS then next time I work on the gui part and same error occurs when I do “generate UI”.
what is going on here? It seems like this is related to how momentics is connected to CVS, but does anyone know how to solve this problem.