blue tooth pcmcia

I have installed Qnx 6.0 on face Toshiba libertto 110ct and now would I need help that few centers blue tooth pcmcia short to function with it. it is one TDK go blue!
Is there some as can help me with how I will do?
mvh Thord

Blue tooth is not supported. That’s not quite true, it’s probably available in one of the TDK but it’s usually too expensive for everybody but the big OEM.

By the way 6.0 is VERY VEYR VERY old. If you can you are best using 6.3 SP3 (although that will not fix you problem with BlueTooth)

There isn’t a Bluetooth solution from QNX as far as I know. But there are various third party solutions. If you need Bluetooth for a commercial project, I think IBV or Stonestreet One are a good choice.