Create license key from serial number

Is it possible to create the license key information from the serial number?
I have an old version of QNX (4.24) I’m trying to reload after a hard drive crash. I do not have the license diskettes but do have the serial numbers
(no actual certificate or password) for the QNX OS and QNX Windows. I’d like to be able to create my own .license file in order to load the system files.

I sent an email to QNX direct, but have not gotten a response.


As far as I know it’s not possible.

Thanks Mario.
I guess that’s another thing I needed to backup.
Anyone else have any suggestions?

/.licenses - contain licenses


XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX - your license number.
but it is for QNX4.25 (may be i’m wrong)

Thanks qnxloader.

From our installation manual a “sample (i.e. bogus)” license file is as follows:

qnx.00090209-021g-0947-48g2-00p7-0044 (4 node)

“The productname.nnnnnnnn item at the beginning of each line represents the serial number that belongs to the specified product.”

Our serial number format is xxxxxx-xxxxxxxx

Does the first six digits identify the product and the last eight are actually the serial number?

Also, can anyone verify that the 5 sets of 4 digit code at the end of the sample is accurate/usable or the “bogus” part.

Further down in the manual’s sample is a license prefix of “wcc”, is this for the QNX Windows software?


Alright, I have a partial success.
I got the QNX OS to load with the above code and my serial number.
I could not get the QNX Windows to load with the qnx prefix or any other ones in the sample list.
The wcc prefix is for Watcom; phab, phrt, xrun, motif did not work with the other serial number I have.

Does anyone know the product_name prefix for QNX Windows and the 4 digit codes after the serial number?
The 6 digit serial number prefix for it is 004079, where the prefix for the QNX OS was 004078, if that helps.