QNX 4.25 LCD Screen Saver

I am in need of a screen saver that will function with an LCD display and video interface. Does anyone have any recommendations of video interfaces and QNX drivers (with documentation) that are available for this function in QNX 4.25?


Photon or Qwindows?

What’s wrong with the available screen saver?

Sorry, but I am working on this part time and actually didn’t realize there was an available screen saver in QNX 4.25. Can you point me in the right direction to find it?


QNX 4.25 doesn’t have screen saver, it’s either Qwindows or Photon which you didn’t specify which is which. I don’t know from the top of my head where they are but it should be real easy to find.

I did specify QNX 4.25, but we are not using Photon or Qwindows, so I guess there is not a LCD screen saver available for our application.
Thank you for the help.

Then you will probably have to write your own.

So you are operating in text mode only? I don’t know of any screensaver for text mode. I guess you need to write your own, but that’s not easy as one might think.

You might have to modify the console driver to do this. I don’t think all the hooks are there. An alternative would be to use a blank screen instead of a screen saver. You could do this by monitoring the keyboard interrupt, and toggling the bit in the video controller.