QNX6 SP3 installation problems in SATA disk

Installing from a fresh QNX Momentics 6.3.0 SP3 Host Neutrino CD in a new Athlon 64 computer whith an EIDE DVD drive and SATA disk, the installer does not detect the disk at all.
In this disk I have installed Windows XP succesfully and I would like to install QNX in a new partition in the aditional disk free space (about 20 GB).
I have activated the SATA controller in BIOS, etc.

Please give me some help!!!

Go into the BIOS and enable IDE legacy mode for the SATA drive.


Hello, Tim
Thank you for your help.

My computer has a Phoenix AwardBIOS. I don´t know how to enable the IDE legacy mode for SATA drives in my BIOS.

The options related to disks are the following:

In the “Standard CMOS Features” screen appears:
IDE Channel 1 Master SONY DVD-ROM DDV1615
IDE Channel 2 Slave None
IDE Channel 3 Master ST380211AS
IDE Channel 4 Master None
IDE Channel 5 Master None
IDE Channel 6 Master None

The ST380211AS is the SATA hard disk of 80 MB.

In the “IDE Channel 3 Master” page appears:
IDE Auto-Detection Press Enter
Extended IDE Drive Auto
Access Mode Auto
Capacity 80 GB
Cylinder 38309
Head 16
Precomp 0
Landing Zone 38308
Sector 255
These parameters appears after a RETURN in the “IDE Auto-Detection” option.
In “Extended IDE Drive” the another option is “None” and the disk does not boot.
In the “Access Mode” the another option is “Large”, and I QNX does not detect the drive anyway.

The another option related to the disks is in the “Integrated Peripherals” page:
On-Chip IDE/RAID Function Press Enter
After a RETURN, shows:
IDE Function Setup Press Enter
After another RETURN, shows:
On-Chip IDE1 Controller Enabled
IDE DMA Transfer access Enabled
IDE HDD Block Mode Enabled
On-Chip SATA Controllers Enabled

Sorry, I cannot install QNX in my computer?


I don’t have an Award BIOS in any of my machines at work (at least not that I am aware of).

Before I suggest anything else, I have a couple of questions

  1. When you say the HD is not detected what do you mean? Does the install sequence start and then say ‘no HD detected’ or does it lockup?

  2. Is there any SATA page anywhere in the BIOS or only those IDE channel pages? It might be under advanced options someplace but usually there is some kind of SATA page. For example on my Dells (the worlds crappiest BIOS’s) there is a SATA operation page where I can at least set normal or combo where combo emulates older IDE drives.

Now here are a couple of other suggestions based on what you wrote:

  1. Any chance you can remove the HD and place it in another machine that doesn’t have a Phoenix BIOS, install QNX then place the HD back in that machine?

  2. If you disable the On-Chip SATA Controllers, does the drive still show in the BIOS and then does QNX install (that controller might interfere)

The other option is trying to contact Phoenix, and see if their tech support/web page has a place to post about enabling legacy IDE mode/having the BIOS make a SATA device behave as an IDE.


Hi Toni!
Thank you again. :smiley:

First question:
Starting the CD installation boot sequence, the screen shows:

Verifying DMI Pool Data …

  1. FD 1.44MB System Type-(00)
    Hit Esc for .altboot…

    Press the space bar to input boot options or D to disable DMA…
    Trying SATA ahci. Scanning for devices…
    Trying EIDE. Scanning for devices…
    …found 1 device
    Detected USB. Scanning for devices…
    Please select a boot option. Option F2 is great for testing QNX compatibility etc.

After pressing F3 and the F1 for installation in a new disk partition, the following message appears:

Please enter your license key:

After introducing the license key and accepting the end user license agreement by pressing F1, appears:

Please enter the disk on which you would like to install QNX Neutrino.
The disk must be bootable from your BIOS.
Disk Device Control Size Hd Sect Cyl Drive Name
Choose disk ()?

And no disk, no partition, no chance.

Second question:
Navigating in all BIOS configuration pages the only ones related to disk or drives are the mentioned in my previous message. There is no another option.

First suggestion:
Good idea. But I don’t have another recent computer at hand with SATA.

Second suggestion:
Disabling the SATA controller, the result is identica. The QNX installation does not detect the SATA disk.


SATA is only supported onlimited number of chipset. Did you check if yours is supported?

Hi, Mario!

As I saw in the first post, I have installed Windows XP succesfully in this disk in this computer.

The motherboard is ABIT KN9S. Manual and chipset information in
abit-usa.com/products/mb/pro … &model=318

Memory: 1 module of DDRII 512MB 667MHz TRANSCEND


Check on qnx.com/developers/hardware_ … index.html to check if the chipset is supported!

There is one other thing you might want to try.

Here at work, before QNX 6.3 SP3 was released, I had to install QNX on a lot of DELL machines that no longer had IDE drives. Hence QNX would not install.

What I was able to do, was buy a very cheap SATA to IDE adaptor/connector and then connect the SATA drive to my IDE connector on the Motherboard. That allowed me to install QNX on the SATA drive.

There’s no guarantee it will work for you, but it’s something you might be able try cheaply (I can’t remember the cost of the adaptor) since QNX is seeing the IDE CD-Rom drive.


Mario, the chipset is not in the hardware support list, may be the problem.
Tim, good idea.

Anyway, I have added now an IDE hard disk and the installation was succesfull.
Thanks again.