RS between QNX 4.25 abd VxWORKs.

Insofar differ RS interface between QNX 4.25 and VxWORKs ?
For developing soft.

Thank you very much.




What do you want to do? You could setup a ppp link and use tcpip. You could write your own code to talk to the ports on both sides and send data back and forth. Details! :slight_smile:

I not must developing soft for VxWORKs, but I must know problem of porting soft for RS-232(485).

The soft (modbus serial master driver) must be porting from QNX 4.25 to VxWORKs.

How different API (RS-232) QNX 4.25 and VxWORKs ?

Oh gosh, that I don’t know.